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Photography of 2 and 3 dimensional art. CD or digital download with print and web sized files. Archival prints available upon request. Inquire about size and pricing.


$ 120.00/hour shooting fee, $85/hr editing fee. Photography at your location: $100 travel fee


Carlos Chavez Estate
Carmen Ballester
Betsy Davids
Phil Dow
Miriam Dyn
Elizabeth Harvey
Edith Hillinger
Laura Kamian
Aspy Khambatta
Kimpton Gallery
John King
Roger Kuntz Estate
Carol Ladewig
Gyongy Laky
Marilyn Levin

Judith White Marcellini
Pat O'Connor
Tina Rath
SFMOMA Artists Gallery
Elizabeth Sher
Vickie Jo Sowell
Livia Stein
Susan Leibovitz Steinman
Toomey Tourell Gallery
Transmission Gallery
Andrea Voinot
Mary White
Lena Wolff

" Daily Dishrags # 1-63 "       Miriam Dyn 2010-  

" Daily Dishrags # 1-63 "       Miriam Dyn 2010-