I graduated from UC Berkeley with an MA in Painting. I work with the photographic image, doing portraits and urban landscapes. With some of my imagery, I combine the photographic image with paint , pastel and collage. The photographic image is a fixed element, while the paint and collage are mutable. 

Working on clear film enables me to see through the thin veneer of the photographic image to the layers of paint and pastel below, offering a slightly skewed reality. 

In the assemblages, architectural imagery is set into salvaged doors and mirror frames to create a resonance between the image and the object. 

I have taken portraits throughout my career, and the 4 x 5 polaroid Type 55 self portrait process came out a need to find a suitable way to work in sensitive situations .

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Jeannie O'Connor's work has been shown internationally and was awarded the SECA award by SFMOMA and the Phelan award in Photography. 

Jeannie O'Connor taught art and photography at CCA, SF Art Institute and Berkeley City College. Her work has been associated with the Michael Shapiro Gallery, the K Kimpton Gallery, the Susan Spiritus Gallery, the Joan Roebuck Gallery  and the SFMOMA Artists Gallery. 

Her work is in the collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, the Bancroft Library  and many private collections. 

"Jeanne O'Connor's rural and urban landscapes at Susan Spiritus Gallery are equally painterly and photographic. By reconciling these two methods that seem mutually exclusive, O'Connor creates a body of work that is evocative, poignant and extremely personal." Nancy Kay Turner

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